The Natural Antioxidants

In our body Free Radicals are created from electrons that escape during metabolism.

Αntioxidants remove the free electrons from the free radicals and transform them into inert molecules

Polyphenols are micronutrients:


✔  They have antioxidant activity

✔  They play viral role in the maintenance of the human health & wellness


When polyphenols are consumed through nutrition, these micronutrients have a variety of biological properties that enhance their antioxidant activity.

The Power of Grape Polyphenols

Polyphenols can help you Burn Fat & Enhance Recovery

promotes anti-aging

the benefits of polyphenols can help to repair damaged skin and restore elasticity to prematurely aging skin

promotes weight loss

polyphenols burn fat by increasing energy expenditure and metabolic rate

boosts energy

exercise is increasing oxidative energy capacity and decreases lactate production that antioxidants recover

speeds up post-exercise recovery

polyphenols prevent muschle damage; block oxidation & accelerate recovery process

act as anti-inflammatory

polyphenols contain anti-inflammatory compounds that reduct the inflammation of your body

boosts immune system

polyphenols contain anti-polyphenols act as a shield of the body’s immune system and against immune diseases

improves the cardiovascular system

polyphenols compounds may play a role in the prevention & treatment of heart disease

elevate brain levels

polyphenols demonstrate remarkable success for blocking the formation of senile plaques (Alzheimer disease)

Our Grape Polyphenols

The Super Natural Antioxidants

High Antioxidant



Pure polyphenols with high antioxidant activity and multiple health promoting benefits!

Natural Extracted


Polyphenols are exclusive extracted with water



Our polyophenols are not made from, nor do they contain any ingredients from any genetically modified organisms.



Our polyphenols do not contain any artificial flavor or color. They are food grade; safe to be used in human nutrition and for human consumption.


Our polyphenols are suitable for vegetarian diets.
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