Premium Ceremonial Matcha Tea

1 cup of Longevity m Greek Yogurt


37 mg catechins

…phenolic compounds potent in antioxidant activity

21 mg EGCg

…ester of epigallocatechin and gallic acid

5 mg L-theanine

…amino acids
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Longevity m

Longevity π combines the pure Greek ingredients with the traditional production process and the premium ceremonial grande Matcha tea

Longevity π – Cow 2%

Greek Yogurt from Cow Milk

Longevity π - Cow 2%

Longevity π – Sheep

Greek Yogurt from Sheep Milk

Longevity π - Mix

Longevity π – Goat

Greek Yogurt from Goat Milk

Longevity π - Mix

Production Certifications

Quality & Environmental Management

Food Safety Management Systems


Hellenic Food Authority

Vegetarian Approved



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