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Longevity Diet Foods recently introduced a range of healthy Greek yogurt cups that are enhanced with functional ingredients like grape polyphenols, premium ceremonial matcha and inulin.

The new Longevity Diet Foods yogurt with polyphenols is being touted as “the first antioxidant Greek yogurt,” with 125 times more antioxidants than regular yogurts. The range includes Greek yogurt made from the milk of cows, sheep and goats, which helps to share polyphenols to promote health and wellness in the body. The cow, sheep and goat milk yogurts from Longevity Diet Foods made with ceremonial-grade matcha tea also share antioxidants through catechins, the major component of green tea extract.

A growing demand for clean-label products has accelerated the use of antioxidant ingredients, especially as consumer interests shift to more natural foods and beverages.

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