Where do waste food emerge? At which stage of the food chain from argucultural production and food processing, food trafe, caatering to households.

For example, unsorted foods close to the expiration date or those with small production defects (such as the wrong label) are in danger of ending up with garbage, even though they are safe to eat and top quality.

Longevity Diet foods is addressed to Boroume (We Can) whenever there is an excess of food, so as not to be lost, but to be used for a welfare purpose. In turn our team can take care of the offered food products to reach those who really need them.

The recent nutritional yoghurt offerings have given great pleasure to those who cared for in Asian Anaton and to the Foods at the Piraeus Nursing Home.

A big thank you to Longevity Diet for her participation in the Rescue & Food Supply network of We can also offer her a public benefit!

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