The Next Generation of Dairy Products!

Now there is a new, innovative and totally healthy way to get a balanced daily diet without having to compromise on taste and enjoyment. You can have it all with natural ingredients with full traceability & transparencyDiscover our delicious longevity dairy snacks

Our Inspiration:

“Our Food Should be our Medicine; and our Medicine should be our food” Hippocrates 460-370 B.C.

About Us

The Longevity Diet Foods is a company wich develops a completely new generation of 100% natural ingredients with bio-functional properties and benefits to human health.


100% natural products.


Use of bioactive ingredients.

Superior Taste

Unique taste and texture.

Fair Premium Price

Price that reflects the quality.


100% natural products with fresh ingredients, offering high nutritional value


Supplemented with bioactive ingredients of scientifically supported healthy benefits

Superior Taste & Texture

Unique taste and texture offering a distinctive culinary experience to consumers

Fair Premium Price

An affordable price that reflects the quality and innovation of the products, fully transparent to consumers

Our Motivation

Our goal is to raise awareness for a healthy, long life over providing advanced bio-functional products, which are produced using 100% natural raw materials following superior quality protocols with passion and transparency.


The purpopse of the Longevity Diet Foods is always next to the modern consumer by providing innovative products with health benefits which meet the needs for a proper and balanced daily diet.


Our vision is to help modern human to have a healthier life by bridging the gap between healthy diet and modern way of living with love in animals.

Selective Point of Sales

We target a selective product placement in premium sales points of Health & Wellness.

Luxury Hotels & Mini Bars

Hotels around the world are increasingly focusing on wellness, fitness and catering to the active traveler, even when she (or he) is traveling on business or a less active vacation.


Airlines focus is on culinary and operational excellence trying to provide the highest quality products and services tailored to strengthen their brand.

Gyms & Sports Clubs

The place that consumers seek products to cover their needs. They seek differentiated food that will promote their performance.

Hospitals & Clinics

Hospitals & Clinics are interested in providing catering which will help in recovery of their patients better & faster.

Our team

Longevity Diet Foods is a senior ‘A-Team’ with extensive international expertise across business areas

Konstantinos M. Frouzis

Konstantinos M. Frouzis

CEO & Founder

Konstantinos has an extensive experience in C-Suite positions in multiple national & international organizations. He has been awarded as the “Manager of the Year” in Greece in 2013.

Favorite Quote: “A sign of a good leader is not how many followers you have, but how many leaders you create”

Anna S. Chatziioannou

Anna S. Chatziioannou

Managing Director

Over 15 years of experience, with 6 year in top level Marketing & Retail and 5 year in innovative projects.

Favorite Quote: “Take something ordinary and make it extraordinary”

Apostolos Anastasiou

Apostolos Anastasiou


Apostolos has extensive experience in sales, retail, training and human resources in well-known multinational & Greek companies.

Favorite Quote:All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them


We certify our top quality and offered claims through our strong relations with the top institutes and organisations


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Menexedon 10 Kifisia 14564 Athens, Greece

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