A Greek biotechnology company Longevity Diet Foods received the Global Innovation Award in the international competition World Dairy Innovation Awards 2016.

Παγκόσμιο βραβείο καινοτομίας για ελληνική startup

The Global Innovation Award in the international competition World Dairy Innovation Awards 2016 held last July in London, won the start-up company Longevity Diet Foods. More specifically, in collaboration with the University of Thessaly, Longevity Diet Foods managed with the product YoguDiet 2% to stand in a very short time in the Greek and global market. Longevity Diet Foods aims to cover all the needs of the human body by offering a number of highly nutritious, tasty dairy products. In particular:
– YoguDiet 2%: This is a high protein authentic Greek strained yoghurt with 2% fat, with fresh milk of the day from local farms and enriched through natural processes with grape extract rich in polyphenols that offers multiple health benefits.- Omega 3 (Ω3) Cheese Dip: Spreadable Feta PDO mixed with Greek yogurt and olive paste. Rich in vegan omega 3 fatty acids to help maintain normal cholesterol levels.Longevity Diet Foods products are already on the Greek market and organic food stores as well as Premium Gyms and Hotels.The Longevity Diet Foods, is a Greek biotechnology company based on the values of the Mediterranean diet which aims to offer a new range of innovative dairy products that will improve conditions for longevity while covering all the nutritional requirements of the human organism. Developing a new generation of tasty and above all natural food products with bio-functional * properties that meet consumer demands.

*Bio-Functional products: They have highly beneficial effects in the body as they can act proactively, in many cases, and even therapeutic, for maintaining good health of the body.