For Longevity Diet Foods quality is the key to success.

Fresh – High Nutritional Products:

By controlling and certifying the cow and goat farms, we can certify the production of several tones of fresh milk every day. Having as a goal solely the manufacturing of natural products, our diary products are made of 100% natural fresh milk of the day.

We certify our production quality via high quality inspection Protocols:

For better management of our standardized production we have quality control inspections in its every stage.
Each production batch is statistically controlled and samples are sent to labs from every step of the production stage for all kind of tests, assuring that Longevity diet provides only perfect super natural or function foods.
Our production stages are not only controlled or stop after our products are ready for dispatch. We continue with quality checks even when our products are transported to our customer, no matter the distance. We use certified thermometers in every pallet of ours, so we can get the necessary information for the status of our products throughout the whole transportation process.

The milk of the day – Your Product the next; all around the world!

Longevity diet foods customer/ consumers have the privilege to receive final products such as yogurt that has been exclusively produced with fresh milk. We do not storage milk, we only take the milk of the day and transform it immediately in final product use. Therefore, we can proudly say that our yogurt is produced by fresh milk, and within a couple of days it can be transported to every corner of the world.

Control of Distribution/Preservation of the Cold Chain.

Given that the very nature of the refrigerated foods manufacturing business, it is imperative that foods are kept at refrigerated temperatures. Even the use of the term “refrigerated temperature” is subject to some controversy because of a difference in regulation. Longevity Diet scientists agree that the colder the temperature, the safer the product. We make sure our products are kept under a certain temperature through out all the distribution stages (via plane, truck, boat).