About us

The Longevity Diet Foods is a biotechnology company which develops, a completely new generation of 100% natural ingredients with bio-functional properties and benefits to human health.

Now you can enjoy and do something good for your body in the most natural way!
How? We made it simple!

The Longevity diet created for you a new category of innovative products. Based on the “gold standard” of the Mediterranean diet has created a new class of innovative dairy products? beneficial to health and with:

Great Taste
Velvet Texture
Fair Price


The purpose of the Longevity Diet Foods is always next to the modern consumer by providing innovative products with pharmaceutical activity which meet the needs for a proper and balanced daily diet.

  • Wellness: a better lifestyle, a healthier life

  • Essence: optimally designed to respond to personal nutritional needs

  • Living healthier: healthy way of living

  • Living longer: means longevity

  • Bio-functionality: with natural bioactive ingredients promoting health

  • Exploration: new technologies, new needs, new procedures

  • Innovation: constant development of nutritional patents

  • Naturalness: 100% natural, without chemical ingredients/procedures

  • Great taste: a unique culinary experience


Our vision is to help modern man to have a healthier life, bridging the gap between natural and conventional medicine, 100% innovative, natural and functional foods

  • With our guide to good health and Unparalleled Taste

  • With 100% natural ingredients and processes, ensuring the high quality of products

  • With emphasis on the development of many functional innovative products

  • With a view to rapid international expansion in 2017-2018

  • Caring for the environment by ensuring the continued reduction of our ecological footprint

Our Values

  • We invest in Research & Development.

    We invest in Research & Development to design and develop modern food products, which will cover the needs of modern consumers and upgrade the quality of their lives.
    We do not stop – do not look back: For us, progress is a demanding daily process and continuous research and development in innovative ways, to always be one step ahead.

  • We want our company to move to a high standard.

    Following innovative natural processes we produce high quality healthy products with nutritional superiority based on quality protocols. We can guarantee that our products meet their specifications.

  • Our mission is the human well-being & longevity.

    Our goal is to raise awareness for a healthy, long life over providing advanced biofunctional products, which are produced using 100% natural raw materials following superior quality protocols.

  • We create reliable relationships.

    We are dedicated to creating strong links based on professionalism, trust, clarity, sincerity and mutual understanding in order to offer added value to all stakeholders.

  • With the Greek trademark.

    Utilizing the Greek Biodiversity develop products with unique ingredients, and having experienced Greek producers