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YoguDiet 2% is for a year the “Hot Trend” in the “packaging” and “healthy dairy” categories!

Long before we launched to the market our innovative products, YoguDiet 2% concept / model was uploaded for voting in the site. For 5 months in a row, YoguDiet had the highest [...]

May 31, 2017|Blog, News / Press Releases|1 Comment

YoguDiet 2% – One of the most innovative products for 2016 in the world

The new YoguDiet 2% is a global innovation in the food industry and one of the most innovative functional products for 2016 in the world. Source:    

December 19, 2016|Blog, News / Press Releases|0 Comments

Make YoguDiet a part of your daily diet

YoguDiet 2%, the new tasteful yogurt that burns fat... the natural way! The new YoguDiet 2% is here! To activate your metabolism, to refill the lost energy after exercising and [...]

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