Social Responsibility

/Social Responsibility
Yogu offered

No meal is lost!

5 to 10% of our total production is offered to groups and organisations in need!

With each purchase, you offer a healthy – rich meal to people in need!


Boroume (we can)

Boroume is a non-profit organisation with goal to reduce the food waste and fight against malnutrition all over Greece.

Everyday, they save food from all potential donors and offer them, through charitable organisations, to people who are in food insecurity. In this way they reduce the environmental burden and at them same time support the most sensitive social groups.


The Ark of the world is today a source of solidarity, care and hope for children. Since the early years of operation, the Ark has relied on co-operation, initiatives, the action of ordinary people, who embraced Father Anthony’s work and joined forces to provide the best possible to children.

September 2017