YoguDiet 2% of Longevity Diet Foods is once again awarded in an international competition. Following the distinction as the Best Yogurt of 2016, at the World Dairy Congress held in London, YoguDiet also excelled in the quality and taste with the award of superior taste, from the international taste of iTQi (International Taste & Quality Institute) this time in the “capital” of the European Union, Brussels.

The “iTQi Superior Taste Award”, a stamp of quality in taste!

The iTQi Superior Taste Award is the only international certificate for taste endorsed by experts – Michelin starred Chefs and Sommeliers.

During the tests, all the products are individually blind tested and are not compared to each other. All jury members receive the product to be tested simultaneously. They have no knowledge of the provenance of the product nor do they see its packaging. The category of the product is the only additional information provided.

Products are prepared, heated or cooked strictly based on producer’s instructions and are presented in a specific sequential order. The jury evaluates the products like if they taste them from the consumers’ point of view.

As a result, iTQi delivers a detailed graphic with different remarks and a summary of the comments and suggestions made by the Jury members. This information is greatly appreciated by the producers as it allows them to better understand the Jury’s verdict and to realize the possible points of improvement.
In 2016, iTQi internal processes were ISO 9001 certified. This is another confirmation of the professionalism of the tastings.

The Taste Award Ceremony, to be held on Wednesday 14 June in Brussels.


YoguDiet 2%:  a high protein authentic Greek strained yoghurt with 2% fat with fresh milk of the day coming from local farms and is enriched through natural processes with grape extract, rich in polyphenols, which offers multiple health benefits.

See more about Longevity Diet Foods and iTQi here: ‪http://longevitydiet.eu/ και www.itqi.com