Greek company The Longevity Diet Foods will launch a new range of dairy foods, as well as a new energy bar made using feta cheese whey protein.

Its new YoguDiet 2% yogurt incorporates all of the nutrients found in traditional Greek yogurt and uses milk from local Greek farms, enriched with polyphenol-rich grape extract. With just 2% fat content, the yogurt is designed to activate metabolism, replace spent energy after exercise and revitalise the skin by giving it a healthy shine and glow, the company said.

It will also launch a new goat sheep’s cream cheese, which mixes feta cheese with Greek yogurt and olives. Easy and convenient to consume with multiple applications in snacks or salads, it is completely natural without preservatives, additives or sweeteners.


The spread is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which contribute to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels. The cream cheese products helps to improve cardiac function and control both blood pressure and concentration of triglycerides in the blood.

In addition, The Longevity Diet Foods’ new feta protein bar with orange flavouring will help to boost energy, increase endurance and provide an antioxidising effect.

The Longevity chocolate protein bar effectively helps with metabolic balance and the restoration of strained muscles, the company claimed.

First Photo Bar-2The innovative formula contains 30% pure, high-value protein, which is filtered under ideal conditions and is completely natural, without unhealthy preservatives, additives or sweeteners. It is a feta cheese whey protein produced in a completely natural process that increases antioxidant defences in the body, and is rich in nucleotides, oligosaccharides, fibres and a slow-absorbed mix of carbohydrates, which help to fight off a number of conditions such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease, the Greek firm claimed.

Low GI and high-in-protein, it also helps to reduce oxidative stress and reduce inflammation, with the weight of two clinical studies behind it.

Athens-based Longevity Diet Foods is a new company founded in September 2015 that is striving to achieve a portfolio of 100% natural dairy products, fortified with ingredients from Greece’s unique ecosystem.



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