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Worlds most innovative Yogurt is Greek!

STARTUPS Source: Fortune Greece Author:  MARIA AKRIVOU   Longevity Diet Foods received the Global Innovation Award in the international competition World Dairy Innovation Awards 2016. A Greek startup, named Longevity Diet [...]

March 24, 2017|Blog, News / Press Releases|0 Comments

YoguDiet 2% – One of the most innovative products for 2016 in the world

The new YoguDiet 2% is a global innovation in the food industry and one of the most innovative functional products for 2016 in the world. Source:    

December 19, 2016|Blog, News / Press Releases|0 Comments

Dimitris Kouretas: A Greek in the European Commission Board – For consumer health

The team of Mr. Kouretas collaborate, through our partnership with the University of Thessaly, in the European Commission. "My election is an honor for me" said Mr. Kouretas and adds: "But [...]

November 22, 2016|Blog, News / Press Releases|0 Comments

2016 Food Trends on Google: The Rise of Functional Foods

How millennials feed their growing interest in health and wellness? They search. In our new Food Trends Report we analyzed Google Search data to find five major trends. Here we share more insight on one, the rise of “functional foods,” and why there’s a big opportunity for brands. by Pedro Pina […]

May 4, 2016|Blog, News / Press Releases|0 Comments