YoguDiet 2%, the new tasteful yogurt that burns fat… the natural way!

The new YoguDiet 2% is here! To activate your metabolism, to refill the lost energy after exercising and revitalize the skin by giving a healthy shine and glow.

It captures all nutrients of the traditional Greek yogurt. With milk from local Greek farms, without preservatives and substitutes, enriched by natural processes with Greek wine extract, known for its content of polyphenols.

This way, all nutrients of Greek yogurt are maximized and offer a truly enjoyable and antioxidant daily diet choice, with only 2% fat. The natural way to strengthen the immune system, to improve the cardio respiratory system and to regulate the blood pressure while gaining incredible energy.

All these, because of the protein and vitamins of the traditional Greek yogurt, but mainly, thanks to the addition of polyphenols and their strong antioxidant activity – in a completely natural process. A global innovation, designed and manufactured by Longevity Diet.

All these with guaranteed quality of Longevity Diet!

Longevity Diet, is a new company founded in September 2015 that implemented the idea of 100 % natural food products fortified with ingredients from the unique ecosystem of Greece, all certified by the competent bodies and the University of Thessaly.

The purpose of Longevity Diet is to provide an innovative way of eating, completely natural, without chemical additives, that by utilizing new technologies and scientific research, will cover all nutritional needs, will grant longevity and mainly… true taste and enjoyment!