After winning the World Dairy Award 2016 held in London,the Greek Start Up wins another award, this time national.

The award for the best innovative product was awarded to the Longevity Diet Foods in PAPASTRATOS Start-Up / Scale-Up Greece Awards 2017.

The PAPASTRATOS Start-Up / Scale-Up Greece Awards 2017 is an all-day event-celebration, dedicated to the Greek business. This event is entrenched in the presence of representatives of the business community, investors and journalists.


The Longevity Diet Foods wants to cover all the nutritional needs of the human body, by developing a range of high nutritional value, BioFunctional and very tasty dairy products.

More specific:

YoguDiet 2%: This is a high protein authentic Greek strained yoghurt with 2% fat and fresh milk of the day from local farms, enriched through natural processes with grape extract rich in polyphenols that offer multiple health benefits.

Omega 3 (Omega 3) Cheese Dip: spreadable Feta PDO mixed with Greek yogurt and olive paste. Rich in vegetable organic mixture Omega 3 fatty acids that help maintain normal cholesterol levels.

Longevity Diet Foods products began distribution in the Greek market in the organic & healthy food stores, Premium Gyms, Hotels and in high-end top-retail such Thanopoulos, Epirus etc ..