The team of Mr. Kouretas collaborate, through our partnership with the University of Thessaly, in the European Commission.

“My election is an honor for me” said Mr. Kouretas and adds: “But it is more important for our country, as it will have a Greek in the center of the decisions, in the first line, expressing the Greece ‘s view on important issues. ”

The Committee, as advised by the University of Thessaly, directly to the European Commission and meets in Luxembourg at regular intervals (typically 6 times a year) to decide in a short period of a few days on critical issues relating to consumer health and the protection of the environment. Its role is extremely critical since an opinion on exceptional and very important issues concerning the environment and the health of citizens. The term of office is until 2021. Issues that the Commission gave its opinion in 2016 concerning the electronic cigarette, the use of modern materials for fillings for teeth, to assess the composition of materials for prosthetic man used orthopedic use, use of nanomaterials in medical products, rules on the use of synthetic biology to biomedical research and recommendation materials used in toys and establishment of new pesticides.

After consulting the Commission follows for each topic suggestion of the European Commission and decision to become a European law for each topic. The selection is made every five years based on the applications concerned directly to the European Commission. The tender for the term 2016-2021 was held in June 2016 and the selection ended a few days ago. This option is important for the Greek University and for our country to participate in this committee is operating since 2013, marked by the University of Thessaly.

Source:  Dimitris Kouretas |